BOCHI is a collaboration between two Greek-British siblings, Olga and Chris Botsi. With Olga writing the music and the lyrics and Chris bashing away on percussion, BOCHI is the result of their interest in a wide range of musical styles, combining a love for grunge and rock music with oriental rhythms and an affinity for world music.

The music is raw in its emotional honesty, an element further amplified by Olga's expressive vocals and confessional lyrics. Her vocals morph to the feeling of the song sounding from jazzy and soulful, intense and mediterranean to aggressive and grungy which sometimes resolve in a pained scream, showing the influence of artists such as Kurt Cobain,Robert Plant and Billie Holiday, as well as Greek and Spanish music. Chris is a self-taught percussionist who also contributes his skills as an artist to BOCHI, by designing artwork and creating conceptual videos which accompany the music. He is an avid fan of greek electronica artists such as Stereo Nova and Lena Platonos and owns all of Sonic Youth's albums.


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